Organic Garden Seed Heirloom Types

Organic garden seed is one of the most important investments that the beginner organic gardener has to make.

To make the best choices for your garden, learn all about the different types of seeds you can get and how to use them.

Heirloom or Heritage Seeds

Heirloom or Heritage seeds are harvested from varieties of plants that have been around for many generations. These have not been genetically modified or artificially crossed and are open-pollinated.

Some of the heirloom varieties have been around for centuries. Heirloom fruits and vegetables are highly valued for their special flavor and

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Different types of Palm trees

Types of Palm Trees

You will find that there are well over two dozen different types of palm trees. Some of the most popular types of palms include the Washington, Areca, Bismarck, Bottle, Coconut and Windmill varieties. The Areca palm, also called the Butterfly palm, is a taller tree that has long, arching leaves and a smooth trunk. This type of tree is ideal for warm, tropical locations that have plenty of sun year round. The bottle palm is characterized by the bottle shaped trunk and is a much smaller tree than the Areca variety. Bottle palms typically have a rough, grey trunk. Since

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let's start with Palm Trees in general

Best Sources for Palm Trees

Purchasing palm trees is an investment that will increase the beauty of your property or home instantly. Palm trees can be purchased online, provided you know what to look for in a quality tree. The best option is to buy directly from a vendor that has images available of the specific tree that you will be purchasing, rather than stock images of the species. Look for the overall color and size plant that is appealing to you when purchasing.

Remember that most healthy palm trees have deep, vibrant green leaves and light colored, often scarred, trunks. You will

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